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How To Choose The Best Golf Club That Works For You

Posted on March 12, 2017 in Uncategorized

People who play golf tend to put the blame on their golf clubs when playing a game. If you are the type of person who puts on the blame on their tools and equipment when everything else goes wrong, then perhaps it is time to buy yourself a new set of golf clubs and assess your developments. Playing golf can be highly dependent on your tools but before purchasing your choice of golf clubs, read this first.

When purchasing a new golf club, the player should analyse how far his or her golf skills. When you purchase one of the best clubs, or perhaps the newest model such as the miura cb 202, does not really make you a good player. So here are some tips to determine the right golf club for the right player according to skill level.

What is your skill level?

The first important step in assessing which is the right golf club for you is determining your skills. So how far are you at when it comes to your golf skills? Assessing your skills also determines how many golf clubs you should have in that handy dandy golf bag, the type of shaft and irons you must have. There are three types of golfers – the beginner, the intermediate, and the advanced golfer. Let’s define them further

  • The beginner played a few times.
  • The intermediate player consistently shoots between 80 and 95
  • The advanced player breaks 80 on a regular basis and those who have a single digit handicap

How many clubs in your golf bag would you want?

When you are a beginner or at least think you are a beginner, you will need fewer clubs in your bag. For most beginners, they can have the basic package of drivers as follows:

  • Woods: 3- and 5
  • Irons: 3-, 5-, 7- and 9-
  • Putter: 1-

Note that the beginner is not the best refined player as compared to the intermediate and advanced player. So the beginner does not really need to have a full set of clubs.

What shaft flex should you have in your golf bag?

Shafts are mostly built with titanium, steel, or graphite. The word flex means your golf club’s shaft ability to bend when force is applied to it when making a swing. When you know your swing speed, you are able to determine the type of shaft you must have in your bag. Here are five shaft ratings you should know:

  • extra stiff
  • stiff
  • regular
  • seniors
  • ladies

The general guide for determining the right shaft is the longer the drive is hit, the stiffer shaft is required. A player can know their swing speed through any local golf shop in your area.

What should be your shaft length?

Measure your shaft length from the tip of the grip to the end of the club head. The shaft length makes an impact on the distance of each shot you make, including accuracy and swing plane. Clubs with longer shafts will make a difference in your arc swing. Longer shafts are good for those who have a consistent and smooth swing because the difference that it makes in the arc adds to the speed of the club head and adds a considerable distance to each of your shot. A golf pro can help you analyse your swing to determine the shaft length you need.

Club Irons basic types:

  • Forged
  • Cast

For beginners to intermediate player, cast irons are advisable because of its larger sweet spot.

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